Sam Rosen


The latest creation from Desktime. Deskpass is a simple-to-use subscription-based service that provides access to more than 25 different coworking spaces in the Chicagoland area, in real time via an iOS app.

Deskpass was designed in response to the ever-changing professional workplace, including the common remote working trend. It is especially well suited for startup companies, creative and educational freelancers, on-the-road sales executives, remote workers and resourceful, imaginative companies, such as Leo Burnett and Basecamp that have secured memberships, looking to provide staff with alternative workspaces.


Being an early adopter to coworking at The Coop meant I was also an early learner that there weren’t great tools to help folks find and use shared workspace. After years of building web applications for others, my partner Patrick Griffin and I embarked on a journey to build Desktime.

Desktime is a web application allowing folks to find fantastic workspace available by the day to month in real time. And, we’ve made those spaces people find run better. We’ve built a robust platform full of beautiful tools that manage the day to days of running a coworking space, relieving those same pains we experienced first hand at The Coop. Desktime manages members, billing, and scheduling allowing owners and operators to focus on other things.

We believe that people should be able to work when they want and where they want so we practice what we preach, employing a truly distributed team that crosses continents. Desktime is where I spend my time most days now, focused on fundamentally changing the real estate industry and, more importantly, making the earth a happier place.

One Design

Sure, the beat poetry book Pure Truth, a local roller blade delivery service, and a theater company came first. But One Design is where I truly cut my teeth building a business and a team.

Started nearly a decade ago, One Design Company is a digital design, strategy and development agency. We proudly call Chicago our home, nurturing strong roots in the local art, design and development communities.

We started doing interactive work out of my house. Now, One Design has blossomed into one of the premier boutique interactive agencies in the Chicago. We are a smart and diverse group of designers, developers, strategists and content creators with a common desire to make cutting edge, beautifully functional work. The fact that we're problem solvers at heart, and mighty fine individuals, ties us all together.

The Post Family

The Post Family is a shared vision between Alex Fuller, Chad Kouri, Davey Sommers, David Sieren, Rod Hunting and Scott Thomas.

One fine spring in 2007, somewhere in the small enough town of Chicago, a group of seven guys who got along great decided to work together on all kinds of things. All those things fall under the Post Family. We’re one part art studio, one part gallery, one part collaborative, one part experimental, one part print shop, mixed with equal parts the power of family.

With hometowns all across the country, very different backgrounds and trainings, from different art and not art schools, and oh so many kinds of nine-to-five jobs, together we support our family's passions — as individuals, as a group, as community members. Our space. Our terms.

We’ve been written up in BBC, Print, Communication Arts, HOW, Chicago Tribune, and Readymade, plus design blogs like Apartment Therapy, Daily Candy and Swissmiss. In 2009, the Family website won Best Art & Design Blog from Chicago Magazine. Today, the group has spoken at academic institutions across the country, including every last college-level arts institution in Chicago.


Inspired by the profoundly mediocre experience of traveling without a great place to reliably work, I happened upon a movement called coworking. At a lovely space in Brooklyn, auspiciously named “The Change You Want to See,” I saw the way I wanted to change the way I worked.

In 2008 there weren’t any dedicated coworking options in Chicago so my business partner Pat and I decided to open one. The Coop, the first coworking space in downtown Chicago, was that space. A labor of love, we grew it from our spare space in Fulton Market to a beautifully furnished 60-seat space in the gallery district of River North. We built a beautiful community of invested individuals, creative energies, and significant amounts of coffee.

In the summer of 2013 Pat and I sold The Coop to NextSpace family, which allowed us to pursue other opportunities in the world of coworking.


This site was built in Austin, TX during FU Weekend. The site was designed by me and built by my brilliant friend mnmly. The photos of me were snapped by Ben Speckmann & Paul Brown, the one of the The Coop by Mike Schwartz and The Post Family by its very own David Sieren. The site is set in Neue Haas Grotesk by Christian Schwartz and Sentinel by Hoefler & Frere-Jones. The site is managed using Perch and it’s hosted on Heroku.

I’m about the luckiest boy in the world with a remarkable gang of friends and an incredible family.


Linsey Burritt:

Anything Linsey puts her mind to she rocks. Currently that’s Indo. She’s the one I love.

Nancy Rosen:

My momma is my favorite artist. I grew up in an in-studio crib, carefully observing as she ran her clothing line, and then acting like I owned the place. She’s the real deal.

David Rosen:

Still the coolest person I know, probably ever, my Dad’s been making commercials and shooting photos as long as I can remember. Now he slangs houses.

Leo Rosen:

The most physically gifted in the Rosen clan, Leo’s latest and greatest project is a pretty damn brilliant. No one in the world can make me laugh harder than this guy.

Ben Rosen:

Fresh out of college, Benny spent the last ten years as a grappler and is now ready to wrassle the fashion world. Watch out.

Hello there.

By the age of five, I was most likely to be found behind my Mac trying to get all those ideas out of my head and into the world.

Born and raised in Chicago, I’ve spent the better part of the last decade starting businesses all centered around people and design. Formally trained as a designer, these days I spend more time at the business end of things. I pride myself on a keen ability to connect great people with lovely ideas, spaces and other great people all with the goal of making meaningful work and hopefully making the world a better place along the way.

I love meeting new people, so feel free to reach out.

As founder of Desktime, The Coop, & One Design Company Sam Rosen has established a reputation as a successful entrepreneur and well-respected voice in the design community. A habitual problem solver, Sam directed his creative energies towards a solution for managing coworking spaces after seeing the challenges first hand as co-owner/operator of The Coop, Chicago’s first dedicated coworking space. There wasn’t the right tool for the job, so Sam and partner Pat Griffin decided to assemble the best team and built the solution. The Coop was acquired by NextSpace, a network of nine coworking spaces across the US, as NextSpace River North in August 2013.

Sam also founded One Design Company, a collective committed to high quality web design & development, interaction design and user interface design, in 2005. One Design has helped clients ranging from the family of restaurants of One-Off Hospitalities (Avec, Blackbird, Publican, and The Violet Hour) define their online presence to partnering with Groupon for projects ranging from their first iPhone applications to microsites to complex payment gateway integration.

A native Chicagoan, Sam operates through a make-it-happen mindset. He likes spending time making art with his surrogate brothers at The Post Family, an art and design collaborative and gallery, taking walks with his dog Eli, and sampling delicious food from around the globe.

Oh, you fancy?